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Timing is Everything

Our Jo Mama’s crew usually performs multiple jobs in a single day, starting at around 9AM and ending when the very last piece of furniture is unloaded and placed.

While we’re known for our speed and efficiency, sometimes a narrow staircase, snow conditions or an unfriendly watchdog might delay our schedule.

In this event, we’ll always try to keep in touch to let you know when to expect us. If we are delayed, please be patient with us, knowing we’re doing everything we can to be at your place as early, as fresh and as cheerful as possible!

Weather is most often the major culprit in delaying a move. Although our trucks are equipped with snow tires and chains, and we’re very experienced at driving in snowy conditions, sometimes we make a judgment call to postpone your move. Should this happen, we would appreciate your understanding, as we have nothing but the safety of your possessions and our workers in mind.


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