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A Moving Experience

On the day of your move, two or more strapping Jo Mama’s people will meet you with a truck at the pre-arranged location. We’ll smile, introduce ourselves and begin a tour of the job. It will help us if you can be precise about the furniture you are taking.

Any forgotten items remembered after the truck is packed will create delay and added expense. Trust us—we’ll pack the furniture as if it were our own. We’ve done this before and we know exactly what we’re doing.

After loading, we’ll discuss directions to your new location and meet you there with the load.

Upon unloading, you’ll direct us to the precise location for each piece, as you have already thought about this ahead of time. After everything is unloaded, we’ll present you with a bill due upon receipt.

You will hand us cash or a check, and we’ll be on our way to the next customer.


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