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Here’s Where You Come In

Want to save a lot of expense and time during the move? The best way is to pack your own items, mark them carefully and plan exactly where each box or piece of furniture will go in the new location.

If you need packing materials, we have the following items ready for quick purchase:

Boxes of all kinds: art, small, large, wardrobe, etc.
Mattress bags
Shrink wrap
Packing paper
Packing tape
Expert Packers (Oops, OK you can’t actually buy these, but you can hire our services. We have a great deal of experience in packing household goods.)

Please use small boxes for the heaviest things such as books, CDs and that gold bullion collection you have. Then use medium sized boxes for un-hung clothes, toys, linens, etc. In general, try not to overstuff the boxes; the box can burst or break if the contents are too heavy.


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