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Hoisting 2017-05-19T19:18:05-06:00


“You want this where?”

jo-mamas-bridal-veilTelluride has lots of old Victorian houses built when people didn’t put huge armoires or big-screen TV’s on the top floor. Now it’s a different story.

Since a Viking refrigerator is a poor match for a tiny winding staircase, the solution is hoisting. Jo Mama’s Movers has all the necessary equipment for that challenge and are quite expert in the field.

We can bring your furniture up through the window or to an upper-floor deck to get to that sliding door. Obviously, you need to measure your windows and doors before the move.

Sometimes hoisting is unsafe, so please respect our decision not to hoist a particular piece of furniture. There is usually an extra charge for hoisting, and you’ll be asked to sign a damage waiver. For especially difficult moves, a crane can be utilized. In any case, we’ll do our best to put you on top.


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